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Why Beef Cattle and Hogs?

Beef cattle and hogs create a dynamic team that complements each other environmentally and economically.  The manure resources from the hog operation are used to fertilize the feed source for the cattle operation.  The cattle in turn harvest the grass that is grown on sensitive land areas such as bluffs and valleys.  Finally, owning both enterprises allows a diversification of management and business resources.

Environmental Management Practices

  • Terracing
  • Catch ponds
  • Waterways
  • Contour farming
  • Rotational grazing/pasture
  • Cover Crops
  • Fencing off sensitive areas
  • Manure management
Discovery Farms Water Flume

Discovery Farms Water Flume

Discovery Farms Minnesota

Discovery Farms Minnesota is a farmer-led effort to gather field scale water quality information from different types of farming systems, in landscapes all across Minnesota.  The mission of the Discovery Farms program is to gather water quality information under real-world conditions.  The goal is to provide practical, credible, site-specific information to enable better farm management.

The program is designed to collect accurate measurements of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus movement over the soil surface and through subsurface drainage tiles.  This work leads to a better understanding of the relationship between agricultural management and water quality.