Our History

Earl Schafer, 4th generation

Earl Schafer, 4th generation

Schafer Farms began in 1886 when the home farm was purchased shortly after being homesteaded. Over the years and through 7 generations we have been fortunate to find success in agriculture. Each generation found successes and passed on the knowledge they gained while stewarding the land and encouraged the next generation to continue to make the necessary changes to keep Schafer Farms a sustainable operation for the next generation.

Our farm as a whole has evolved since 1886. We have become much more specialized in our production focus leading to our current operation which focuses entirely on our beef and pork enterprises.  Our pork enterprise has evolved from a couple sows used to meet the needs of the family unit, through a 200 sow farrow to finish operation, to our current 2200 sows on two bio-secure production sites, producing 61,000 pigs per year, with a focus towards multiplication of genetics for Topigs Norsvin.  Our current facilities have allowed us to capitalize on the numerous advantages of modern production facilities: improved production efficiency, bio-security improvements, reduced environmental impact, improved labor utilization, and improved animal comfort and care. 

Fifty years ago our cattle operation consisted of a Purebred Hereford seedstock and commercial cow herd. Twenty five years ago, after the remarkable data on the Gelbvieh breed was released by the Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) in which Gelbvieh excelled in the economically relevant traits of, fertility, age at puberty, and pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed, we began to cross our Hereford cows with purebred Gelbvieh bulls to produce hybrid Hereford x Gelbvieh seedstock. We were so impressed with the results of this decision that we purchased an elite group of Gelbvieh females to ad to our operation. These cows are the foundation of our current herd. We have added a few other purchased females to these over the years, but for the most part, our herd has been built from within by maintaining a focused breeding program, utilizing AI, and ET, and by maintaining strict culling standards. As we added the Gelbvieh cows to our herd we began to phase out the Hereford cows from our program and over time began to utilize Angus and Red Angus as the British component of our hybrid production system. That brings us to our current program which includes a nucleus of purebred Gelbvieh cows which are used to produce our PB Gelbvieh and our F1 Balancer® genetics. We also run a sizeable herd of Balancer® cows used to produce F2 Balancers®, and we also run a number of hybrid commercial cows.

Our Mission

To make a living by adding value to our land and our livestock. To make a life by valuing our faith, our family, our employees, and the farm we have built for seven generations.