Bred Balancer® Heifer Program

  • Inquire for Price and Availability
  • Heifers will be sold in 5 hd. groups
  • Schafer Farms will sort sale groups into uniform packages based upon your purchase preferences (Color, Calf Sex, etc.)
  • Purchase preferences will be filled based on availability and in the order that they are received.
  • All purchases of 10 hd. or more will receive a 2% discount.
  • A non-refundable 25% down payment will be due by April 1 to secure your heifer purchase. The remaining balance is due upon pickup or delivery of your heifers.
  • Heifer Delivery is not included in the purchase price.

Heifer Management

  • Pre-weaning
    • All heifers are permanently & individually identified with double ear tattoos as well as corresponding ear tags.
    • All heifers were pastured with their dams - no creep feeding
    • All heifers were vaccinated for IBR, BVD I&II, PI3, BRSV, & Lepto, Pasturella, Clostridia.
  • At weaning
    • All heifers were boostered for IBR, BVD I&II, PI3, BRSV, & Lepto, Clostridia, as well as, wormed with both a pour-on for externals and a drench for internals.
    • All heifers were weighed and then pre-conditioned for 45 days. After which time the heifers were evaluated and any heifers that didn't meet our replacement quality standards were sorted out and sold as feeders.
  • At selection Time
    • All replacement heifers are given a shot of prostaglandin.
    • All heifers were place on a high forage TMR developing ration.
  • Pre-Breeding
    • All heifers will receive their pre-breeding vaccinations for IBR, BVD I&II, PI3, BRSV, Lepto, & Vibrio.
  • Breeding
    • We will begin AI breeding heifers in late April. We will be AI Breeding to sires with a definite emphasis being placed on calving ease, while still maintaining focus on the other traits (i.e.: maternal, performance, carcass etc.)
  • Grazing Period:
    • All heifers will receive the opportunity at one AI service after which they will go to grass with Natural Service clean-up Bulls.
    • Heifers will be preg. checked between 60-85 days AI bred to potentially determine fetal sex.
  • Pre-Delivery
    • All heifers will be re-preg checked to confirm pregnancy.
    • All Heifers will be wormed, and vaccinated for IBR, BVD I&II, PI3, BRSV, and Lepto, as well as, given a primer dose of scour vaccine.
  • Heifers ready for pick up or delivery
    • Approximately Mid-September

Heifer Guarantee

Heifers will be sold "Safe in Calf" and will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and so guaranteed, after which time they will be considered breeders and will carry no further guarantee.