buyer benefits

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Our Experience & Knowledge

Very few genetic suppliers have the duration and diversity of experience and knowledge that Schafer Farms can offer. We have been involved in animal agriculture, the beef and hog industries in particular for more than 120 years. We draw on all of our experiences over that duration to help us in producing the right kind of genetics for your operation today, as well as offering service and assistance after the sale. We are more than willing to offer our customers any assistance possible from marketing assistance, to management consulting

Complete Information

The Schafer Farm Program is steered by information and we feel the same is true of our customers. We collect and list an enormous amount of information on all of the bulls that we offer for sale; we believe that we have very cattle savvy customers that are able to decide what information is important to their own unique situation.

  • Performance Data - Birth to Yearling
  • EPD's
  • Pedigrees
  • DNA Information
  • All animals with at risk pedigrees are Tested for all known Angus and Red Angus Genetic Defects
  • Frame Score
  • Polled Status
  • Color Status


All of the bulls have gone through a comprehensive health & parasite control program. This program includes fall parasite control, plus being double vaccinated for Haemophilus and Clostridia, triple vaccinated for IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, & Lepto, as well as, being vaccinated for Pasturella. Furthermore all of the bulls with pedigree risk have been DNA tested for all known Angus and Red Angus genetic defects. Prior to delivery all of the bulls will be given a complete breeding soundness exam including semen test.

*** NOTE - Minnesota has regained TB Free Status and is no longer required to do TB Testing for Out of State Transport. All bulls sold to out of state buyers will have health paper as required by the destination state prior to delivery.

Housed until Needed

All Bulls will be housed free of charge until May 1st, after which time we will continue to house your bull(s) until needed at a charge of $3.00/ day.

Free Delivery

Schafer Farms will deliver any bull sold in our sale up to 250 miles. If your Farm/Ranch is within 250 miles of Goodhue we will deliver to your door, if you are beyond 250 miles we will deliver the bull(s) to a convenient meeting point. All buyers will receive 1 Free Delivery Opportunity. If the buyer is unable to take delivery at that time, we will still deliver your bull(s) however we will charge $2.00/mile for delivery.

Payment Flexibility
In these times of tight credit, fluctuating cash flows and markets, we at Schafer Farms are again offering our customers payment flexibility.

Cash Discount Option
All buyers choosing this option will be required to make payment in full on Sale Day/Date of purchase and by doing so will receive a 2% Cash Discount.

Interest-Free Deferred Payment Option: (For Qualified Buyers)
25% Down payment is due by April 1st.
25% Payment is due upon delivery.
50% Final Payment is due by April 1st of the following year.
All delivery & housing charges that may have been incurred are due upon delivery. All discounts are deducted from final payment. Any past due balances beyond April 1 will be charged an interest rate of 18% A.P.R.

Sight Unseen / Absentee Buying Options (Guaranteed)

Sale Day Phone #: 1-651-923-5415
Absentee: We have only a single phone line available sale day and our sale facility is located in a large valley where cell phone service is very unreliable, making absentee phone bidding somewhat difficult. So we welcome and encourage any buyers who are unable to attend on sale day, to come and inspect the bulls ahead of time to formulate your purchasing decisions. Brian will handle all of the absentee bidding in accordance with your instructions, and will contact any absentee bidders prior to 1:00 on Sale Day for final instructions.

Sight Unseen: If you can't make it to the sale, and going through the bulls ahead of time is not an option for you, we do offer a Sight Unseen Guarantee. If you need to make a sight unseen purchase please contact Brian at 1-651-380-6230 prior to sale day so we have adequate time to discuss your operation, your cow herd and breeding program to find the bull that will best fit your needs.

Guaranteed: Both Absentee and Sight Unseen Purchases are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like him for any reason he's not your bull.

Volume Discounts

All Individuals, Farms, or Ranches that purchase 2 or more bulls will receive a Volume Discount equal to the number of bulls purchased up to 10 head.
2 Bulls = 2% Discount
5 Bulls = 5% Discount
10 Bulls = 10% Discount

Loyalty Discounts

All customers who have previously purchased 2 or more bulls in the past 3 years, or have purchased bred heifers in the past 12 months, will receive a 2% discount on your current bull purchase.

First Breeding Season Guarantee

The coverage of this guarantee is limited to the first breeding season which we define as 60 days after bull turnout. This guarantee covers all death and loss-of-use injuries except those caused by mis-management, negligence or mistreatment of the bulls covered. Guaranteed value of the bull(s) will be limited to the actual purchase cost of the bull(s) minus any salvage value. All claims must be reported to Schafer Farms within 24 hours of discovery and a complete diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian must be reported.